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Affirmative Action Program Data
Banner/HR Access Request
Banner/HR Remove Access
Bus Pass Request Form
COVID-19 Leave Donation Form
COVID-19 Vaccination Waiver Request Form
Cancel Direct Deposit
Check Out Form
Check Replacement Form
Classified Employee Performance Evaluation
Classified Staff Pay Authorization
Cyclic Year Schedule
Deduction Cancellation
Emergency Paycheck Request Form
Employee Information Form
Employee Name Change Form
Employee Office Address Update
Employee Survey
Employee W-2 Address Change Web4U
Faculty Leave Request
HR Data Request Form
Higher Level Duty Pay Authorization
Hiring Freeze Exception Request Form
Honoraria - Approval to Accept
Leave Request Form
Outside Employment
Paycheck Pick-Up Request
Personnel Action and Position Control - Classified Staff, Professional Staff, Executive Officer and Associate Dean
Personnel Action and Position Control – Faculty, Librarian and Salaried Graduate Students
Pre-Tax Transportation Waiver
Redistribution Request for Salary and Benefits
Remote Work Agreement for Staff
Remote Work – Equipment & Furniture Funding Request
Remote Work – IT Services/Devices Funding Request
Request for Overtime and Hours Over Appointment Approval
Request for Temporary Applications
Request to Change Payroll Approver
Request to Interview
Request to Make Offer of Employment - Executive Officers, Professional Staff and Classified
Request to Make Offer of Employment -Faculty Appointments
Request to Post Faculty Vacancy Pool
Request to Recruit Classified and Professional Staff
Request to Recruit For Faculty Appointment
Service Awards
Shared Leave - Medical Certification
Shared Leave Application
Shared Leave Donation Form
Sick Leave Cashout Request
Student Employment Form
Supervisor Change Form
System Support Request
Timesheet Adjustment Request
Training and Development Registration
University Faculty Club Application for Membership
Updated Job Description
Vaccination Submission
Voluntary Employee COVID-19 Testing Program
Voluntary Temporary Reduction Request
Volunteer Application
Volunteer Hourly Time Record
Western PageUp – Recruiting
Wireless Service Communication Agreement
Wireless: Approval For Department Wireless Phone
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