Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
of Net Wages Enrollment Form

AE 317
650-2991 MS-5221

1. Clearly print your name and social security number below:
Last Name First Name
Social Security Number Employee ID Number Phone #
2. Please choose:    
3. This will cause a check to be created for 1 or 2 pay periods.  Checks can be picked up at the University Cashier office, Old Main 245.
4. Read  (Terms and Procedures) and sign on the appropriate line below:
   In accordance with RCW 43.08.085, I hereby authorize and request Western Washington University, until this authorization is revoked, to transfer the full amount of my wages, after mandatory and authorized optional deductions, to the designated financial institution for deposit in my account.
   If any action taken by me, without adequate notification to Payroll Services, results in non-acceptance of the transfer by the designated financial institution, I understand that Western Washington University assumes no responsibility for processing supplemental payroll payments until the funds are returned to Western Washington University by the financial institution.
   In the event there is an error made in my wages that results in an overpayment, the following procedure will be implemented:

   a) If time permits, the banking system will be notified, the EFT will be canceled and a manual check will be processed.  Payroll Services will notify me prior to payday that I do not have an EFT.

   b) If the funds cannot be returned through EFT, Payroll Services will notify me and request return of the funds within three working days of notification.  Funds not voluntarily returned by me will be deducted in full from my next paycheck(s).  Involuntary recovery of funds will result in permanent cancellation of EFT privileges.

SIGNATURE _________________________________________________ DATE ______________


If your bank account is with NORTH COAST CREDIT UNION,
 you must have your bank complete the Bank number (ABA) and Account Number in Section 2 above:



Western Washington University offers to electronically transfer your net wages to your bank account each payday under the following conditions:
 1. This form must be completed and both pages returned to Payroll Services (Administrative Ctr. B/Mailstop 5221). Enrollments will be processed on the first pay date available.
 2. The first pay period after you enroll in EFT, a CHECK will be generated with your earnings statement, checks are available for pick up at the University Cashiers Office, Old Main 245.  This allows time to verify that all the information, such as your account number, is accurate.
 3. The next pay period you are on EFT, your net paycheck amount will be electronically transferred into you bank account. (NOTE: financial institutions reflect EFT deposits in various ways on their monthly account statements)
 4. Earnings statements for FACULTY, STAFF AND ADMINISTRATORS will be distributed by your department on payday, Earnings statements for STUDENTS and TEMPORARY HOURLY EMPLOYEES will be distributed at the Plaza Cashier on payday.
 5. Any change in your bank account number or bank will result in the EFT process being stopped.  To restart the process, you must go through the procedure outlined in #1 above.  Once again, a CHECK will be generated the first pay period after re-application and restart.  Net wages will be electronically transferred the following pay periods.
 6. Failure to notify Payroll Services of any change you make to your bank account number will result in the bank refusing your funds and cancellation of EFT.  The university assumes no responsibility for processing supplemental payroll payments until the funds are returned to the university by your financial institution.
 7. In the event that the EFT submission deadline cannot be met due to a payroll failure, a manual check will be produced and you will be notified through your department prior to payday.
 8. It is the employee's responsibility to verify the pay amount on the earnings statement and to notify Payroll Services immediately of any error(s).
 9. Attach a voided check to this form.
10. Submit both pages of this form to Payroll Services (Administrative Ctr. B/Mailstop 5221).
 Revised 2/26/2003 /payroll/eftform.doc