RN to BSN Program Application - External
Woodring College of Education
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Minimum Requirements for Acceptance:
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You must be a Registered Nurse to complete the RN-to-BSN Program. Nursing students in the last year of an associate degree or a diploma pre-licensure nursing program may apply to the WWU RN-to-BSN Program if graduating before starting the RN-to-BSN Program coursework. Recent associate degree or diploma prepared nurses may be offered "provisional admission" pending successful NCLEX-RN examination completion by the second quarter of study.
Priority Deadline:
  • Fall Quarter March 1st
    Applications received and/or completed after the priority deadline will be considered for acceptance to the program on a space available basis. All Applicants will be notified of their application status periodically
Re-Applying: Any applicant who is not accepted to the program or was accepted and did not begin the program, must re-apply to both WWU and the program for future consideration.
RN-to-BSN Program - Application Process Overview
Step One: Apply to Western Washington University
dot Complete the online Western Washington University Transfer and Post Baccalaureate
Application for Extended Education application.
Official transcripts from all institutions in sealed envelopes sent to WWU admissions office.
(Electronic College transcripts are accepted & encouraged)
Admission application fee
International students IELTS or TOEFL scores (see WWU Admissions website
  http://admissions.wwu.edu/ )
Step Two: RN-to-BSN Program Application
dot Contact Information - Legal Name
First Name:
W# (if prior WWU Student)
Mailing address (number/street, city, state & zip code)
Current Permanent
Email address:
Phone numbers (home/work/mobile)
Check the box and complete the sentence that applies to you:
I plan to attend
Part Time Full Time
I have a pre-licensure associate degree or diploma in nursing from:
RN License number: State of licensure:
I am completing my associate degree or diploma in nursing at
I have completed credits towards my degree and expect to finish
With this application: The following completed documents must be attached to the RN-to-BSN Program Online Application for your application to be complete. Please use the following hyperlinked forms:
Under separate cover:
Scan/Email: bsn.applications@wwu.edu
dot Pre-requisite Course Completion
Indicate where you have completed or where you plan to take each pre-requisite course by completing the following worksheet:
I have/will graduate with a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA)
I have a previous baccalaureate degree
Course Credits Term/Year Completed
 (or planned
Grade Earned
(example) English
Eng 101
Fall 2012
English - 5 credits
Math - Intro to Statistics - 5 cr
Introduction to Psychology - 5 cr
Life Span Psychology - 5 cr
College Level General
Chemistry w/lab (100+) -5 cr
Anatomy and Physiology w/lab - 10 cr
Microbiology - 5 credits
100/200 level - min 7 credits needed
if no DTA or Post-Bacc
dot Goal Statement Essay Complete all 4 questions, each question not to exceed 300 words
The Institute of Medicine (IOM, 2011) has recommended that the percentage of nurses with a BSN or higher be increased by 80% by 2020. The IOM (2011) also recommends that the percentage of nurses who pursue doctorates be doubled by 2020.
Describe your future professional goals and how you believe obtaining your BSN will contribute to achieving them.
Describe specific expectations and outcomes you desire from your educational experience at WWU.
In the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN,2008) advocate for nurses to have a commitment to the health of vulnerable populations and to eliminate health disparities.
Describe experiences you have had working in diverse communities or with disadvantaged populations.
Describe special talents or skills you have (such as language fluency, research, or travel experience) that reflect your commitment to equitable care of vulnerable populations.
If disability accommodation in the admission & application process is needed, please contact the disability access center at 360.650.3083 (voice) 360.650.3715 (fax) 360.255.7175 (VP) or drs@wwu.edu One week advance notice is appreciated.
Statement of Accuracy
Under penalty of perjury in the state of Washington, I certify that by submitting this form, that the information in my application materials is accurate and agree to comply with all program requirements.
Signatures and Attachments
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