Certificate Program Application
for adult and international teaching
Woodring College of Education

WCE/ Elementary Education Department

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Click on the icon to view eligibility requirements Those interested in obtaining public school teaching licensure, or adding an endorsement to an existing teaching certificate, should contact the Main Office of the Elementary Education office at 360 650-3336 for alternative advising and application procedures.

Recommended for upper-division students. Students with less than 45 credits will need the Directors
  approval for acceptance in the TESOL program.
* 3.0 GPA preferred.
Non-native speakers of English are required to have a TOEFL score of 550 or higher, preferably met prior to
  beginning the program.
Successful completion of a WA state criminal history background check. This is done after you turn in your
One year of college-level study in a foreign language or equivalent (a combination of coursework and
  experience or 3 years in high school – must provide high school transcripts for proof) preferably completed prior to beginning the program. Language course work may be taken concurrently with program.
Cross-cultural studies requirement either through college coursework or living/study abroad extensively
  (requires pre-approval).
2.7 GPA in TESOL classes is required to undertake the practicum and receive the certificate.
Currently admitted Western students need to fill out the TESOL Program Application only.
Applicants who are not currently admitted to Western will need to fill out the TESOL Program
  application. Those applicants who will be applying for federal financial aid will also need to apply to Western for admission; http://admissions.wwu.edu
Please complete the checklist and entire application. Contact the TESOL office for more information
Return completed application to: Western Washington University - TESOL Program

516 High Street, MH301A / MS-9092
Bellingham, WA 98225-9092

If you need further advising please contact Ellen Kreider at 360-650-7948 and she can direct you to the appropriate advisor.
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  Name of program:
Deadlines for admission to TESOL Certification Program:
Please check which quarter you intend to begin courses:
Fall - to matriculate into WWU and/or apply for financial aid:

 to enroll directly into TESOL

classes through Extended Education:  
Winter - to matriculate into WWU and/or apply for financial aid:  to enroll directly into TESOL
classes through Extended Education:  
Spring - to matriculate into WWU and/or apply for financial aid:  to enroll directly into
TESOL classes through Extended Education :  
Summer intensive program to matriculate into WWU and/or apply for financial aid:  
to enroll directly into TESOL classes through Extended Education :  
TESOL certificate program offers a variety of class delivery options: check your preference:
Face to face on the Bellingham campus
A combination of online and face to face in Bellingham
Include a Face-to-face in residency in Queretaro, Mexico

* Submit FAFSA Application: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ 
Submit WWU Admissions Application, Transcripts and Fee: http://admissions.wwu.edu/transfer/x_apply.html 
** Or permission. Applications received after the deadlines will be considered on a space-available basis
Complete the following information:
Language/Learning Experience
First Language (s):
Additional Language(s) Learning / Experience:
Dates to/from Description (setting/language) Level completed
Cross-Cultural Experience
Please describe experience you may have had of the following types:
1. Extensive travel or living in another culture (exchange student, military).
2. Cultural experience as a member of an ethnic or heritage culture group.
3. Cultural studies (anthropology, ethnic studies, etc.)

Related Coursework
Please list any courses you have taken in the following areas:
1. Language teaching methods (including ESL)
2. Structure or history of the English language.
3. Linguistics, including anthropological linguistics, language acquisition, etc.

Please send unofficial transcripts electronically to Tesol.forms@wwu.edu. Transcripts should show a minimum of 45 credits of successful college- level coursework, and any courses you want to have considered towards your certificate, such as cultural, foreign language, or linguistics courses you may have taken
Course # and title Institution, quarter/semester, year
Course # and title Institution, quarter/semester, year
Course # and title Institution, quarter/semester, year
Course # and title Institution, quarter/semester, year
Statement of Purpose
Explain why you wish to obtain training in teaching English as a second language, and how those skills relate to your career interests
Tentative Plan of Study
In order to provide the best advising, please prepare a preliminary list of the order and academic quarters in which you hope to take TESOL classes, while referring to the TESOL website curriculum page https://wce.wwu.edu/tesol/curriculum.

(Academic Quarter check website for availability) *

Required courses Delivery mode Academic Quarter * Year Notes
(e.g. course equivalents
taken or planned)
TESL 401 Intro to English Linguistics
(4 cr)
TESL 404 English Grammar (3 cr)
TESL 405 Teaching Grammar (2 cr)
(prereq: TESL 401 or equivalent)
TESL 410 Second Language Acquisition Theory (4 cr)
TESL 420 Methods and Materials for Basic Communication (5 cr)
TESL 421 Methods and Materials for Academic Language Proficiency (5 cr) (prereq: TESL 420 or equivalent)
TESL 432 Seminar in TESOL (2 cr) TESL 435 Practicum in TESOL (2 cr)
(prereq: TESL 405 & 421)


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