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Measles Immunity Waiver Student
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 Request for a WAIVER from the MEASLES IMMUNITY Registration Requirement

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4) State whether you believe you have ever received a measles (rubeola or MMR) immunization in the past or not:

5) Explain, in detail, why you are unwilling to get a rubeola titer (blood test for immunity) at this time:

I understand that immunity to measles (rubeola) is a condition of enrolling at WWU if I was born in 1957 or later.  I understand that it is recommended that I receive the vaccine or prove immunity with a positive rubeola titer (blood test for antibodies).  If my request for a waiver is approved, I understand that if I am exposed to measles, I may be prohibited from attending class or living on campus from the 5th through the 21st day after exposure or for 7 days after the rash appears.  I have been given an opportunity to ask questions about the vaccine, the titer and the policy concerning it.  All my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.  Due to medical, religious or personal reasons, i choose not to demonstrate adequate rubeola immunity.


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