Automatic Savings Plan
Continuous Enrollment Form

Human Resources | 650-3326 | MS 9054


Western Washington University offers a service in conjunction with the Whatcom Educational Credit Union for those 9 month employees desiring to spread their net pay over a ten to twelve month period.

Once this form is completed, the payroll deduction will continue EACH ACADEMIC YEAR until cancellation by the employee.  Deduction begins October 10 and ends June 25.

If you wish to participate, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and return it to Human Resources (MS 9054 ) before SEPTEMBER 25th for a full academic year's contribution.  Later forms will be processed the next available pay date.

Keep in mind that you must already have a savings account open with the Whatcom Educational Credit Union.

You may cancel this deduction and any time with written notification to:Human Resources, MS 9054

You will continue to be contacted by Whatcom Educational Credit Union each Spring regarding your choice of payments.  Please refer all payment questions to:Whatcom Educational Credit Union 676-1168 x132


 Name:  ID#

I wish to start a new deduction   I wish to change an existing deduction

PERCENTAGE OF GROSS PAY (please check one of the following):
Gross pay includes regular earning only.  This amount will be deducted each available pay period during the academic year.

7.5%        13.5%        18.5%        24.0%

WECU Account # S2
Payroll Deduction Authorization
I wish to enroll in the Savings Plan for each academic year at the percentage of gross pay I have indicated above.  I understand this deduction will be continuous until I give written notification to Human Resources at WWU to stop the payroll deduction.
SIGNATURE: _______________________________________  DATE: _________________
Do not complete this form if you have already signed-up at WECU.
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Routing Instructions

Please complete this form and return it to Human Resources (MS 9054)