Electronic Funds Transfer
(EFT) of Wages
Human Resources - Payroll Services
AE 317, MS5221, (360) 650-2991


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Name of Financial Institution  
Checking Account  Savings Account
A paycheck will continue to be created for 1 or 2 pay periods until the account is verified.  Checks can be picked up at the University Cashier office, Old Main 245, 9am-4pm.
Earnings statements will be sent to you by email in a password protected form.  To receive paper statements instead, please check here: 
Terms and Procedures
          In accordance with RCW 43.41.180, I hereby authorize and request Western Washington University, until this authorization is revoked, to transfer the full amount of my wages, after mandatory and authorized optional deductions, to the designated financial institution for deposit in my account.
          If any action taken by me, without adequate notification to Payroll Services, results in non-acceptance of the transfer by the designated financial institution, I understand that Western Washington University  assumes no responsibility for processing supplemental payroll payments until the funds are returned to Western Washington University by the financial institution.
          In the event that the employer may be legally obligated to withhold any additional part of my salary payment for any reason, I understand that the employer shall have the authority to immediately terminate any transfer made under this authorization.
          If the electronic transmission for this authorization for any reason results in an overpayment of salary or wages actually due and payable to me, I hereby authorize the employer to either withhold a sum equal to the overpayment from my next salary payment or seek full reimbursement by whatever means is appropriate.
Attach a voided check (for checking account routing) or a deposit slip (for savings account routing.)



Send completed form to Payroll Services, MS5221.
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