ESC Alumni & Friends Questionnaire


This survey is designed for people that were active in the Ethnic Student Center at WWU (the formation of ESC and/or participation in ESC clubs.)  The survey is also open for current students involved with the ESC, staff/faculty, and allies.  Your responses will only be used for ESC administrative, educational and historical purposes.

Thank you for taking time to reflect on your experience with the ESC at WWU.  We truly look forward to hearing from you!

University Status
My Status: Alumni Staff/Faculty Past student leader Other (please list)
My Name: First


  Personal web page -URL:
Mailing Address    


  Country (If not US)    

I am currently: employed and work at: Job Title
My current civic activities include:  

If applicable:    
  Previous Name:  
  Partner's Name:  
  Was your partner also involved with the ESC?                         YESNO  
  Children - include name & birth date:
ESC Leadership
Your ESC leadership has played a role in the structure and evolution of our history; and, may assist in the formation and future of the ESC.  As well, knowing the effect the ESC has had upon your life/career may be especially inspirational for current and incoming students.
Academic years active in ESC      
  2006-2007 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011
  2005-2006 2001-2002 1997-1998 1993-1994
  2004-2005 2000-2001 1996-1997 1992-1993
  2003-2004 1999-2000 1995-1996 1991-1992
  2002-2003 1998-1999 1994-1995 1991->
On average, how many hours per week did you spend in the ESC?  
Please select the clubs you were involved with. 
  If more than five, please enter
  abbreviations of additional groups below:
Other club, committee, or diversity involvement.  If multiple clubs, etc, please select each:
  If more than five, please enter
  abbreviations of additional groups below:


What do you remember about your first visit to the ESC?

What ESC events were the most significant/memorable to you?
In what way did the ESC meet your needs?
Is there anything that the ESC could have improved upon?
How many ESC classmates do you stay in contact with on a regular basis?  
How would your ESC classmates remember you best?
What message do you have for current ESC leaders?
Tell us if your ESC involvement has affected your life, if more than one, select second.
Add additional comments if required:
WWU Experience
Your information provides personal documentation and important historical perspective of your Western experience.
Degree from WWU Major Minor Grad Year    
If more than one degree obtained from WWU, list degree and graduation year:
Were you ever given any special awards for your studies or school activities?
Name any WWU faculty or staff that influenced your greatly, and tell us why.
Did you participate in school activities or sports? Please list:  
Best memories of WWU  
Is there anything that WWU could have improved upon?  
If you could attend WWU again, what would you do differently?  
What message do you have for WWU administration?  
Other Information
Post-bac degree(s) and name of institutions
Other career and professional accomplishments include:
If there is a person that really changed the course of your life by something that they did and you would like to recognize them, please tell us who and what they did?
Are you willing to serve as a resource to alumni or current ESC students regarding your current field work, your academic degree, or other areas of interest?    
Topics you’d be interested in presenting:
My information may be included in a special ESC Alumni Publication?  


Would you like to receive quarterly ESC Publications in the mail?
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Please add any additional comments that you would like to share  

Thank you for taking time to complete this questionnaire!!!

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