Field Trip Insurance
Risk Management
Environmental Studies 72, MS-9070



Any department sponsoring field trips or extra-curricular activities, please read the following information carefully.  It is important that you make any staff coordinators aware of the program procedures as well.  Field trip insurance must be paid for before the date of the trip.

Individuals going on WWU sponsored and supervised field trips or similar extra-curricular activities as a group/class may purchase field trip insurance for medical expense benefits and accidental death and dismemberment coverage for injuries arising outof the trip.  This is not a mandatory requirement for field trips, only an option for student and chaperones to provide some limited form of coverage to participants who may or may not have their own personal medical coverage.  All members of the group should participate.  The policy does not provide coverage for any personal side trips occurring before, during or after the university-related trip.  Other exclusions in coverage apply as well and coverage is limited to that provided by the insurance policy.  The cost is $.80 per participant per day.

Purchasing Field Trip Insurance: Cash payment is made at the University Cashier’s office before the day of the trip or activity.  A Field Trip Insurance Roster is provided below and the completed roster must accompany payment.  The University Cashier forwards a receipt and trip information to Risk Management for processing.

If payment is to be made through transfer of funds, the department/program completes a journal voucher (JV), attaches a completed roster and submits to Accounting Services, with a copy to Risk Management.  Do not send originals to Risk Management.

Claim Forms:  Claim forms are available from Risk Management.  The individual in charge of the activity can request copies of claim forms to have on hand in the event an injury occurs. Follow the claim procedure as outlined on the form.

Coverage:  Accidental Medical Expenses: $5,000; Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $5,000; There is some coverage for expenses related to dental injury and sickness; Deductible: $100.

Excess Coverage Only: If an injured participant has any other applicable insurance, including medical or dental, that coverage will be primary and any remaining medical expenses can be submitted under the field trip insurance program.  In the absence of another valid and collectible insurance, expenses incurred for any covered injury would be payable under the field trip insurance program in accordance with the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy. 

Covered Activities:  Activities that are sponsored and supervised by WWU during the field trip specified.

Important Notice: This summary is designed to give you a general overview of the insurance coverage.  It should be construed as a representation or legal interpretation of insurance coverage.  Coverage may change without notice. Contact Risk Management for specific information about the program and coverage terms, conditions and exclusions.