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  • Language & Culture Program fees cover one academic quarter, summer qtr fees may vary. Tuition costs can vary by program - it is important to confirm the tuition costs with your advisor (DSO). Please consult with your program coordinator (DSO) to assure that you understand the tuition and fee costs (and the deadlines) that you are committing to BEFORE submitting this form.
  • Esign forms are not automatically routed. Each recipient must authorize the form and submit it to the next recipient. The student may verify routing to ensure the recipients have authorized registration and forwarded the form. You can view the status in real time by clicking on the link to the form that was enclosed in an email notification sent to you at the time the form was submitted. The status will indicate "completed" if the final approver has processed the form.
  • By submitting this Web Form, the student takes full responsibility for completion of routing and tuition charges incurred by registration for the course.
  • To avoid late charges, the student must observe registration deadlines for the term specified at the following link:
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CRN Office Use Only Course Credits Fees
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LCP to review, attach itemized fee table if requested, and fwd to (SCS) for registration to be completed.
SCS to confirm registration completed in Banner and fwd to (LCP) to lock form.
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